The Bug Report: FrontPage 97; NetWare 4.10

How to close a hole in FrontPage 97 open to bad people with 'advanced mastery of HTML'; server hangs in NetWare; endless loops on disconnecting from ISPs.

Server bugs and fixes reported to BugNet.

FrontPage 97. A security patch has been released for the FrontPage 97 Server Extensions. The patch corrects a bug that could open a Web site to unauthorized changes. The pages must have a Save Results or a Discussion WebBot component installed, and the potential exploiter must have "advanced mastery" of HTML, according to Microsoft Corp. The patch can be downloaded from

NetWare 4.10 and SFT3 modules. A patch for Novell NetWare 4.10 for OS/2 and SFT3 modules C-Libraries (CLIB) and Directory Services API resolves the possible semaphore deadlocking that would cause the file server to hang; problems when the file server hangs when unloading CLIB modules; NetWare File Services' problems that may cause printer configuration errors, server hangs, and Abends; issues with IPX sockets not being released; and other items.

Win2NCS 2.1. Novell Inc. released Win2NCS 2.1, with the file name W2N210.EXE, which now contains limited support for Windows NT. Some of the new remote-control applications for NT may not work correctly. Also, an NT workstation may go into an endless loop when disconnecting from an Internet service provider. If this happens, you have to restart the workstation. This release also fixes a bug that may intermittently cause the Save Security feature to be turned off.

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