The Bug Report - NT Server 4.0; IE 3.01

A security fix for NT 4.0; what happens when Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.01 meets some Netscape servers; and unexpected attributes in Netscape's Calendar Server.

Server bugs and fixes reported to BugNet.

Windows NT Server 4.0. System Key A security fix is now available for Windows NT Server 4.0 System Key. This fix allows strong encryption techniques so that account password information stored in the registry now can be protected by both access control and by an obfuscation function. The fix is available at

Microsoft's Internet Explorer 3.01 and Certain Netscape Servers. When using Microsoft's Internet Explorer 3.01 to access a Netscape FastTrack Server, FastTrack95 Server, Enterprise Server, Commerce Server, or Communications Server 2.01 with the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 3.0 option enabled, the pages may never finish loading. Instead, a black square will show up on the bottom-left corner of the screen. Netscape said this is due to a bug in Internet Explorer 3.01, which was not present in Version 3.0. Netscape's advice is to either use Version 3.0 of the Microsoft browser or turn off the SSL 3.0 option in the Netscape Enterprise server, which can be done by looking under the encryption menu and choosing Security Preferences.

Netscape's Calendar Server. Starting up Netscape's Calendar Server 1.x for any operating system may result in the following error message: "Unistart - unexpected attributes on the /users/unison." Netscape said this message only will be encountered when symbolic links for the user directory are employed. The company also said the warning message can be ignored.

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