Telecom $4.5m online project nears rollout

Telecom will roll out before Christmas the first stage of an online project to give it a complete picture of its network components and their utilisation.

The $4.5 million project will produce the data in Oracle, running on a high-end, six-processor Silicon Graphics Origin box.

SGI won the business in a tender with four other vendors, shortlisted to SGI, Sun and Digital.

“The issue is to improve the decision-making processes and understand what parts of the business are used where,” says Rob Kampen, manager price strategy and costing.

“We’re using SAS as a reporting and analysis tool as well as an intranet publisher.”

He says SGI won the hardware business because of the scalability of the system proportionately across six criteria, as well as price-performance.

“Also, we had an Origin series development box available to us and Iryx skills inhouse.”

The Origin box will be delivered shortly.

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