Oracle opts for corporate look in push strategy

Oracle has ignored the lure of the start-ups and reached for a corporate solution to add push capability to its products.

At Oracle OpenWorld, the company announced a licensing agreement with Tibco Software which allows Oracle to embed that company’s TIB/Rendezvous publish/subscribe messaging software into its product line.

Tibco, a Reuters subsidiary, began working with publish/subscribe 10 years ago and has licensed its software to around 400 banks, oil and gas companies and chip manufacturers. In the past six months, software and network companies have flocked to form alliances and Tibco has done deals with Cisco, 3Com, IBM, Micro-soft, Informix, BackWeb, Data-Channel and Verisign.

TIB/Rendezvous uses a network broadcast format to automatically notify business events, and Seybold analyst Mitch Kramer says it is helping to drive a new era in enterprise computing called business event process.

“Networked software applications will now be able to transmit important business events automatically from the database to other applications and to user desktops, rather than forcing the receiving application to repeatedly request information of corporate database or other software applications.”

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