Internet2 Project Promises to Ease Net Congestion

Sick of congestion on the internet, academic institutions plan Internet2 - the replacement.

FRAMINGHAM (12/24/97) - Internet purists fondly remember when government and academic researchers had Arpanet all to themselves. In the future, they may have all the bandwidth they need, free from the ’net congestion caused by gawkers, gamers and – worst of all – consumers, once a university-sponsored project to develop an Internet fast lane for researchers opens up.

Internet2 is a project of the University Corporation for Advanced Internet Development, a consortium of 115 research universities. It will connect campuses with a high-speed internetwork expected to operate at 2.4G bit-per-second by 2000. It also will develop advanced applications in areas such as media integration and real-time collaboration.

Internet2 schools have pledged US$57 million each year over the next three to five years, and vendors have pledged another $8 million over the same period.

Initially, Internet2 universities will use the very high performance backbone network service (VBNS), a 622M bit/sec. network based on ATM switching and SONET transmission. The VBNS is provided by MCI Communications Corp. and funded by the National Science Foundation.

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