NetNames goes into domain name repo business

Irked by chancers offering to sell you your own domain name for a reasonable price? Never fear. NetNames International will will leverage its position as a global domain registry and its contacts with attorneys to get it back on your behalf - from anywhere in the world. And for only $US200 an hour ...

NetNames International has announced Global Recovery Service for recovering domain names that have been infringed anywhere in the world.

NetNames is leveraging its experience as a global domain registry to offer a consulting service for domain recovery that includes knowledge of domain rules and regulations for any country in the world and access to attorneys specialising in trade name recovery.

Domains are easily registered by nonauthorised third parties that infringe trademarks owned by other companies, according to NetNames executives. The process of recovering the name often involves a lot of time and legal expense for those companies whose in-house legal counsel typically does not have extensive experience with domain regulations or trade name recovery.

NetNames charges $US200 per hour and has a success rate of 75%, according to the company. The other 25 percent of cases typically go to litigation or remain unrecovered. Typical domain name recovery takes NetNames between five and 20 hours to complete.

NetNames International, in New York, is at

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