MACWORLD: Applications, tools on display

Software vendors rolled out a wide range of web publishing, design and management tools at Macworld Expo this week. The show's announcements included Web publishing and accessing software, graphics tools, file management and sharing software, scheduling and related software, fax software, server management and operating system related software and more.

Software vendors rolled out a wide range of web publishing, design and management tools at Macworld Expo this week.

The show's announcements included:

Web Publishing and Accessing software

-- Maxum Development Corp. announced NetCloak 3.0, an application used for Web site development on the Macintosh platform. Available in Standard and Professional versions, NetCloak 3.0 features integrated Netforms, mail actions, Web browser administration, command extensions, fixed point math functions, and dynamic configurations. The Standard upgrade is US$79 and the Professional upgrade costs $179. Maxum, located in Streamwood, Illinois can be reached at +1-603-830-1113 or at

-- GoLive Systems Inc. has updated GoLive CyberStudio 3 Professional Edition, a Web publishing software. Version 3.1 features utility improvements, enhanced QuickTime 3.0 editing, ColorSync for the Web, additional JavaScript actions, a JavaScript Action Development Kit and MacOS 8.5 readiness. GoLive CyberStudio 3.1 Professional Edition is $549 with an introductory price of $299. GoLive, in Menlo Park, California can be contacted at +1-650-463-1580 or at

-- America Online Inc. rolled out AOL 4.0 for the Macintosh. The 4.0 version features more convenient screen names, enhanced e-mailing, a single integrated tool bar, customization options, easier installation and access and Microsoft Corp.'s Internet Explorer 4.0.1. The upgrade can be downloaded at and will be distributed in CD-ROM in the next few weeks. Pricing is not yet available. AOL, in Dulles, Virginia, can be contacted at +1-703-448-8700 or at

Graphics Tools

-- Play Inc. unveiled Amorphium, a 3-D sculpting and painting tool for Macintosh computers. Amorphium lets users sculpt and paint a shaded 3-D model in real-time. Amorphium will be available for Macintosh and PC platforms in February 1999 for $149.95. Play, in Rancho Cordova, California can be reached at +1-916-851-0800 or at

-- Vivid Details Inc. announced Test Strip 2.0 for Power Macintosh and Windows 95/98 and NT. Test Strip is a coloring tool that includes traditional photo dark room techniques, full-screen previews, zooming, an editable task list and precision changes in 1 percent increments. In Ojai, California, Vivid Details can be reached at +1-805-646-0217 or at

-- BeHere Corp. announced ImmersiveNow!, an authoring software for use with the company's Portal S1 Plus imaging system. The software allows users to create a BeHere PanImage, containing a 360-degree photographically captured scene, in one step. Priced at $1,995, ImmersiveNow! will begin shipping Jan. 25. The authoring software is available for the Macintosh, Windows 95, 98 and NT systems. BeHere, located in Cupertino, California, can be reached at +1-408-873-4950 or at http:/

-- Interactive Pictures Corp. has upgraded its IPIX Wizard for PC and Macintosh software. New features include a multiple "save-as" option and expanded Java support which provide more flexibility and speed in creating IPIX immersive images. IPIX Wizard 2.0 for Windows and Macintosh systems is now shipping with new IPIX Digital Camera Kits and is available free to current IPIX Wizard users. Interactive Pictures Corp. can be reached in San Jose, California at +1-408-918-0959 or at

File Management and Sharing software

-- DataViz Inc. previewed Documents To Go, synchronization software that brings files from office suite applications to the Palm Computing platform. The software provides up-to-date versions of documents on any Palm Connected organizer. Due out later this quarter, Documents To Go will be available for Macintoshes and Windows at $39.95. DataViz can be reached at

-- Open Door Networks Inc. announced ShareWay IP 2.0 software for sharing Internet and intranet files. ShareWay 2.0 locates and accesses servers, provides file services through transparent, OS-integrated mechanisms and supports access from Web pages through AFP URLs. ShareWay is now available in Personal, Standard and Professional editions. OpenDoor Networks, in Ashland, Oregon, can be reached at

-- Aladdin Systems Inc. announced Spring Cleaning 3.0, an uninstaller for the Macintosh that includes 12 utilities to help users clean their hard drives by searching for and removing unused and unnecessary file, applications, folders, and fonts. New features of the software include increased speed and performance, a new interface, a restore function, a file checker search for invisible files and the ability to exclude extensions and control panel preferences. Spring Cleaning 3.0 is expected to ship this quarter at a cost of $49.95. Aladdin Systems, in Watsonville, California, can be reached at +1-831-761-6200 or at

Scheduling and related software

-- Palm Computing Inc., a 3Com Corp. company, announced desktop software for the Palm Computing platform. Palm MacPac 2 includes a personal information management packet Claris Organizer and HotSync architecture for data synchronization. Palm MacPac 2 is expected to ship during the second quarter at a price of $14.95. The company also announced a Macintosh-based Conduit Development Kit that includes development tools for ensuring data synchronization between the Palm Computing platform and an application, a computer or a network on the Internet. Palm Computing, in Mountain View, California, is at +1-650-237-6000 or at

-- AEC Software has upgraded its FastTrack Schedule project scheduling software. Version 6.0 includes enhanced automation and presentation tools for illustrating project objectives, assignments and statuses. The software also includes filtering and sorting on the fly, a personalized spell check, a status bar, support for mice with scrolling wheels, enhanced tool tips, recent files listing, dragging and dropping scheduled items in full content, cascading/tiling schedule windows, midnight support for task start and finish time and greater cross-platform compatibility. FastTrack 6.0 is a available now at a price of $199. AEC Software, in Sterling, Virginia, can be contacted at +1-703-450-1980 or at

Fax software

-- Smith Micro Software Inc. announced a new Macintosh client for its HotFaxShare 4.1. The server-based software targets corporate users and handles fax creation, transmission and status monitoring. Users can customize fax log views, preview faxes prior to transmission and use fax annotations. HotFaxShare is available now at an introductory price of $495.95 for five users. SmithMicro, located in Aliso Viejo, California, can be contacted at +1-949-362-5800 or at

Server Management and Operating System related software

-- Neuron Data Systems unveiled its MacCoach 2.0.1 server management tool. MacCoach monitors applications running on the Macintosh and features automatic restart and event logging. MacCoach is available through STF Technologies at Neuron in The Netherlands can be reached at +31(0)570-519100 or at

-- Real Software Inc. announced Realbasic 1.1 for Mac OS. This upgrade enhances the operating system with features such as navigation services, enhanced balloon help, new import options and extended ASCII support. The software is shipping now at a cost of $99.95. Real Software, in Austin, Texas, is at +1-512-292-9988 or at


-- Heuris began shipping MPEG Power Professional 1.4 a tool that provides direct access to Adaptec Toast and Easy CD Creator used in CD writing . The upgrade supports applications that use QuickTime 3 Export on Mac OS, Windows 95 and Windows NT systems. MPEG Power Professional 1.4. Price and shipping are not yet available. Hueris, in St. Lois, Missouri, can be reached at +1-314-534-4351 or at

-- Terran Interactive introduced VideoPrism, a color enhancement application for digital video. Videographers can use VideoPrism to instantly apply color correction and effects to their clips. Available now for the Mac OS, VideoPrism costs $399, with an introductory price of $199. In Los Gatos, California, Terran Interactive can be reached at +1-408-356-7373 or at

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