Sequent begins selling online

Internet users wil particularly generous credit card limits can now buy a $US78,000 Numa-Q 2000 server online. The Numa-Q and other products are available from Sequent's new SequentDirec Website now that the company has shown that online commerce is not the stronghold of retail-priced PCs and books anymore.

If you're in the market for a $US78,000 Numa-Q 2000 server, it's now available at the click of a few buttons on the Web at Sequent Computer Systems' new virtual Internet shop, SequentDirect.

Online commerce is not the stronghold of retail-priced PCs and books anymore. Sequent, vendor of high-end data-centre products, announced today that it is offering industry-strength servers and software downloads via its new site.

Whether users will go for buying such high-end products online remains to be seen, but Sequent is intent on exploring new markets by offering users the convenience of 24-hour shopping and software distribution over the 'Net, said Jeff Pancottine, vice president of worldwide marketing for Sequent, in a statement released today.

Initially, SequentDirect is offering NUMA-Q 2000 servers, with Intel Pentium Pro processors, in different bundling options comprising four-way and eight-way processor configurations. Optional peripherals and software are also available.

Software offering available from the site include Java for Sequent's DYNIX/ptx file-system software.

Sequent, in Beaverton, Oregon, can be reached at

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