E-Business Not Booming Yet

Meta Group says E-commerce still in 'wait and see' mode, despite E-commerce hype.

Many businesses lack effective e-commerce strategies and are still in the early stages of electronic-business deployment, according to U.S. research by Meta Group Inc.

Meta claims electronic business deployment among users is still in "wait-and-see" mode despite the hype surrounding Web-enabled enterprises.

"E-business has not yet become part of a larger corporate culture and strategy," said Kirk Reiss, senior vice president of Meta Group Consulting. "The low dollar investment in e-business is indicative of stopgap measures and patch-up thinking -- a 'me-too' strategy where companies are doing e-business because they see that others in their industry are."

For Hemant Kogekar, information technology director at Franklins, a division of Asia-Pacific retail food conglomeration Dairy Farm, the wait-and-see approach has been the best way to approach business-to-consumer e-commerce.

Franklins has been developing business-to-business e-commerce links with between 10 and 20 suppliers but is going slowly and keeping costs low on the effort, he said.

"Educating suppliers seems to be a bigger part of our effort than the technology. This is the reason it as taken so long [to adopt]," he said.

(Bustos writes for Network World Today in Australia.)

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