Lotus Launches InterCommunity In Europe

Lotus launches new online community product aimed at ISP's in Europe last week. Mike Zisman, Lotus' executive vice president for strategy says this is the first time a launch in Europe has preceded a US launch, indicating Lotus' strong market share in European countries

Lotus Development Corp announced the launch of Intercommunity, the company's new online community interface, in Paris last week.

The software is geared to Web hosting companies or service providers, who can use it to set up password-protected communities.

Lotus began shipping the product to intermediaries in May, but yesterday's announcement marked its availability to the end user. British Telecommunications PLC, France Telecom SA, Interliant, a Web hosting company, and IBM Corp.'s Global Services group are the first companies to offer the product.

The software allows online community managers to configure profiles for individuals in their community, giving those users access to information based on their profile. For example, while a building is being designed and constructed, everyone involved in the project, such as contractors or architects, can access information specific to their pre-configured profile on a password-protected site.

This also marks the first time that Lotus has launched a product in Europe before the U.S., according to Mike Zisman, Lotus' executive vice president for strategy. "Europe is our strongest market today," Zisman said at a Lotus press conference held yesterday.

InterCommunity also includes a calendar, and can be configured to incorporate pop-up windows with links to bookmarks and services targeted to specific users.

Pricing for InterCommunity is determined by the Web hosting company.

Lotus, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, can be reached at +1-617-577-8500 or on the World Wide Web at http://www.lotus.com/.

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