Online auction success stuns PC Rentals boss

The speed and success of an online auction for ex-APEC equipment - conducted via the local TradeMe Web site - has stunned the managing director of the company selling the gear.

The speed and success of an online auction for ex-APEC equipment has stunned the managing director of PC Rentals, David Keppel.

PC Rentals is selling the equipment his company rented to the Americans, Canadians and Australians during this month's APEC meetings, because it wants to buy other PCs for a customer who wants a different brand.

Keppel says he decided to use the Trade Me auction site as a trial, and has been shocked by the success of the venture.

The auction started last Monday and by Thursday morning all 20 PCs had reached their reserve price, along with the one colour laser printer and two of the 15 Laser jet printers. The auction was due to finish last Friday.

In comparison, a quarter-page newspaper advertisement in a daily newspaper, at a cost of about $4000, yielded about eight enquires but no sales.

Keppel says the deal isn't done until the company gets paid, but assuming there are no problems, the online auction looks like the best way of selling equipment and he will use it again.

Keppel also likes the fact he can look at the site at any time and see the progress of the auction.

"If you've got it in someone's shop or an auction you don't really know who's buying it or what the status is. This way you know what the offer is, you know the email address of the highest bidder and you can go down the list and see how many people have put bids in."

Trade Me managing director Sam Morgan says an Internet auction is an ideal selling vehicle for selling ex-rental or demo stock. It could also suit resellers wanting to get rid of older stock.

He says the Trade Me site now has 2200 members, with 50 to 60 people joining a day. The site can be found at

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