Clear Net to host NetAid global event for NZ

The first big job for Clear Net's new Akamai technology will be hosting the WebCast of the NetAid concerts for poverty - which is already being billed as the world's largest Internet event.

The first big job for Clear Net's new Akamai technology will be hosting the WebCast of the NetAid concerts for poverty.

Being billed as the world's largest Internet event, NetAid will be carried locally by Clear Net from 5am to 4pm on Sunday, 10 October.

The three overlapping stadium concerts are being mounted to to raise money for and awareness of global development. Acts participating include Robbie Williams, Celine Dion, George Michael, the Eurythmics, The Corrs, Pete Townshend, Bush and Jewel.

Clear Net believes the Webcast will attract the country's biggest ever online audience for a single event. Although the event is being telecast in many countries, Clear Net says the Webcast at "is understood to be the only confirmed means of viewing the concerts."

"We have recently installed Akamai FreeFlow technology in the Auckland Sky Tower and NetAid will be our first opportunity to really put it through its paces," says Clear's Andy Lake. "Essentially, FreeFlow brings the concert to New Zealand so Kiwis can access it here, without having to view video from a US site and suffer the congestion and performance degradation that sometimes goes with that."

The event is being mounted internationally by Cisco Systems and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). In a press release issued by Clear yesterday, Don Listwin, executive vice president of Cisco Systems, described netAid as "a new Internet model for social change that will combine cutting edge technology with the world's best artistic talent and poverty-fighting expertise.

"Just as the Internet has revolutionised business, the Internet can help lift the hopes of communities in need by bringing ideas, people and resources together in ways never thought possible. NetAid will use the largest scale Internet technology ever deployed to tackle one of the world's largest problems."

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