An Odd site for performers

No one could say the front page of Odd Management's Web site isn't eye-catching. You're greeted with a spinning GIF of what looks like a toilet sign, with the word 'odd' underneath it.

No one could say the front page of Odd Management’s Web site isn’t eye-catching. You’re greeted with a spinning GIF of what looks like a toilet sign, with the word "odd" underneath it. Odd Management is an agency for performers — actors, presenters, personalities — for film, TV, theatre and voice-overs. But the problem with this site is you don’t find this out straight away. When you click on the spinning loo sign-like graphic on the front page, you reach the home page which again features the female/male sign. On the left-hand side of the page there are navigation buttons and on the right is a slide show of head-and-shoulders photographs of people. It looks great, but you still aren’t told who Odd Management are. It’s not until you hit the Company Information page that you find out what Odd’s all about. Of course, the argument for not pointing this out earlier could be that you’re likely to have reached this site via a search engine, or because you knew the URL in the first place. That criticism aside, the look-and-feel of the site is great. It’s sophisticated and cool — just the sort of image such an agency wants to have. All the photographs of performers are black-and-white. There are no colours on the site (unless you count the ad for the site designer — A Web 4 U Designs — on the entry page) and that helps give it its slick appeal. The site is a good example (once you know what Odd Management does, of course) of how designers can keep create an elegant site which does its job — presents performers to people hiring talent. The site has an excellent search facility, giving people looking for performers the chance to search for the type of talent they want (age range, gender, hair colour etc). Their search brings up a list of names with brief details of each person. Those names are hyperlinked to the performer’s page with a photograph of them and further details (training, experience etc). Odd Management can then be emailed to hire a performer. — Kirstin Mills

Odd Management

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