Virtual Spectator deploys cache boxes in NZ, US, UK for Louis Vuitton Cup

With the Louis Vuitton Cup challenger series about to begin, the New Zealand company Virtual Spectator has deployed cacheing technology around the world to boost its Web-based coverage of the yacht racing.

Virtual Spectator, the New Zealand company established to provide live Internet coverage of sports events, has followed Clear Communications in deploying CacheFlow Internet cacheing appliances.

Virtual Spectator, whose technology was jointly developed by Dunedin's Animation Research and Auckland's Terabyte Interactive, expects to exclusively deliver live coverage of all 200 Louis Vuitton Cup yacht racing series, which will determine the challenger for the America's Cup. The series starts on Monday.

"Live TV coverage does not begin until the finals, so the Virtual Spectator live, 3D animation coverage will be sports fans' only opportunity to view every tack and jibe of the Louis Vuitton Cup series. In fact, it will be better than being there," says Virtual Spectator director Phil Norman.

"The CacheFlow solution is a critical component in the synergy of Internet, CD-ROM, Global Positioning System (GPS) and tactical yachting technologies that will enable this coverage. We are very pleased with the quality of CacheFlow technology and its standard of service."

Throughout each Louis Vuitton Cup race, each yacht’s position will be tracked by GPS equipment and relayed via the Internet to Virtual Spectator subscribers' computer desktops. Virtual Spectator subscribers will be able to choose from among a variety of aerial and navigation-station views of each race.

The races will be recreated in real time on subscribers' computer desktops by sophisticated, three-dimensional animation software stored on CD-ROM. Subscribers will be able to access detailed weather, rules, tactics and competitor information. They will also be able to replay any race after it is concluded, as all races will be saved for subscribers to view at any time, as well as watching them live.

CacheFlow appliances will be deployed at four ISP sites in New Zealand, England and the US.

"Virtual Spectator will change the way sports events are enjoyed around the world, and we're proud that the CacheFlow solution is an enabler for this entertainment revolution," according to Stu Aaron, vice president of marketing and product management at CacheFlow.

"Now and in the future, the ability of CacheOS to streamline this type of live content will help transform the way entertainment will be delivered over the Internet."

Virtual Spectator is at

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