Telecom system tightens noose on bad debtors

Phase two of Telecom's online credit checking system goes live next week, becoming available to landline as well as mobile customers

Telecom's online credit checking system's second phase goes live next week.

As part of a three-phase project Equigen New Zealand began implementing its DecisionPoint software to manage Telecom's application processing requirements on July 27. The first phase was geared toward Telecom's mobile products, the second phase is designed for the landline customers and the third phase will change Telecom's application scoring process from their legacy system to DecisionPoint by February.

"The second phase is subject to testing, but [Equigen] is due to deliver at the latest on October 26," says Equigen client relationship manager Penny King.

King says "in the last 18 months Telecom has grown their business dramatically. This is partially due to DecisionPoint, but also due to behind the scenes movements where they have been using Equigen's score card technology which has been in place for some time. This allows them to control and manage their risk exposure very successfully."

Telecom national credit manager Scott Easterbrook-Burgess says the system has had an impact on the debt reduction but "the beauty of the system is it's helping us reduce turn of our mobile customers. The product allows us to have an Internet front-end. Its a flexible system and we can make changes overnight, whereas now it can take months. All of the information can be processed online for the customer. The system has reduced the credit portion of the connection from hours to seconds."

A major benefit of the system is the ability to have more control over the process and "we can make policy and rule changes very quickly, depending on the market, the trend of the debt etc", he says.

The product is a credit risk assessment and decisioning tool, says King. "DecisionPoint can also be used to channel different clients based on their risk assessment into different management structures," she says.

All of Telecom's product lines — mobiles, landlines, Internet and data products — will be dealt with through the DecisionPoint front end.

DecisionPoint has been installed for Telecom with a combination of Equigen-supplied and Telecom-developed user interfaces, making online submission of customer applications for processing available to Telecom dealers irrespective of their physical location.

Equigen New Zealand also supports The National Bank of New Zealand.

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