National gets down with the kids

The National Party has launched a 'youth Website' at that it says is designed for young people by young people.

The National Party has launched a "youth Website" it says is designed for young people by young people.

National's campaign director Jeff Grant says the Website at is designed to show that politics need not be boring and a "turn off" for young people.

"Too often political parties assume that what appeals to middle aged people will also appeal to those under 30. This is not the case which is why National gave permission for some of our younger members and supporters to design their own Website without too much interference from the rest of us.

"They have certainly done that in coming up with an entertaining and provocative site."

Ironically, the "no crap" site is not nearly as provocative as that which appeared recently at, and which now carries a notice saying it "has been censored by the National Party for satirising Tory toffs." It is, however, considerably more lively than the official Young Labour site.

The new site does not boldly declare its National Party origins. Its home page describes it as "the no crap guide to kiwi politics" and an opening splash page broadcasts the slogan "My life. My future. My choice."

Registry records indicate that the domain was registered earlier this month by National Party staffer David Farrar, who has been active on the Internet for some time and is a member of the Isocnz council.

The new National-approved site includes a "no crap" guide to all 27 registered political parties (scorning all but National and Act), jokes and quotes, information on key policies, a calendar of upcoming events, downloadable games and more. It will be updated regularly.

The team of young people who put together the site came from Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

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