Computerworld Forum on Y2K

As we face the final countdown Computerworld online readers discuss Y2K issues.

Here are some discussion points to get the ball rolling: what are your thoughts?

1. The only thing that will happen over Y2K is the cell phone system will overload with people calling each other to see if everything's okedoke

2. If journalists hadn't kicked up such a stink about Y2K over the past 18 months then the politicians and a large number of IT companies would STILL be sitting on their hands saying "everything's going to be fine" instead of actually upgrading their software.

3. Software companies will spend the next 12 months or so recouping their costs from the users - all software will be slightly more expensive to recover from the cost of giving away Y2K fixes.

4. In 2038 the Unix system will reach its end-of-field roll over and we will all be invited to a big party where we will laugh and laugh and laugh. I think this is a good thing.

5. Y2K was good for one thing only - it showed just how gullible the mainstream media are when it comes to 'end of the world' stories.

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