Isocnz members decline to affirm not-for-profit DNS policy

The Internet Society of New Zealand council has refused to affirm its 1996 policy that the domain name system be run on a non-profit basis.

The Internet Society of New Zealand AGM has refused to affirm its 1996 policy that the domain name system be run on a non-profit basis.

In a motion at the Isocnz council's AGM on Friday, member David Zanetti proposed that "the existing 1996 council policy stating that the DNS be run on a non-profit basis be ratified by this AGM as binding policy on the Council". The motion was lost by 26 votes to 20 with seven abstentions.

The policy of running the DNS on a cost-recovery basis - or of revenue from the management of the DNS only being used for DNS-related purposes - became an issue in September of this year.

The Isocnz council appeared unaware of founding policy's existence in controversially floating the idea that surpluses reaped by Isocnz's registry business, Domainz, could be used to fund a New Zealand Internet Foundation, a body to provide "grants towards activities leading to enhanced access to, and use of, the Internet in New Zealand". Domainz is projecting a $1.5 million annual surplus over the next five years.

Friday's AGM also soundly rejected the proposal by councillor David Farrar that Isocnz move .nz to a shared registration system along the lines of that established for .com. But a motion from the floor that the council set up "an open working group to investigate a full proposal on possible shared registration systems and other registry models after consultation with Domainz."

A slew of other motions put by Farrar, relating to the structure and membership of the council, were withdrawn or lost.

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