Standards NZ goes online

Standards New Zealand (SNZ) has created a site that provides access online to standards under development.

Standards New Zealand (SNZ) has created a site that provides access online to standards under development.

The Standards Projects Extranet (SPEX) also allows those developing standards, of whom there are about 1000, to access documents under development and they can conduct online discussions on how the document is progressing, using a personalised log-in.

SNZ developed SPEX in-house after attempts to buy an off-the-shelf package failed.

Web designer Colin Matcham says his system tried to include all the features wanted by its customers.

"Extensive work has been done to ensure that this environment is secure, including the implementation of a new firewall. SPEX uses server-side Java technology to access information from SNZ databases, manage user sessions and create the dynamic pages. The use of Java has allowed the system to be built in a modular format and is fully extensible," he says.

The service was launched at the year end and SNZ claims a favourable reaction.

Building Research Association general manager Russell Cooney says SPEX should bring more accurate and timely information to those who serve on project committees and to their nominating organisations.

Ericsson Communications radio planning team leader Grant Crombie says the system looks impressive and is flexible.

The system is intelligent, allowing SNZ committee members to search for information using various categories, and reveal any new information that has become available since the last person logged on.

SNZ marketing general manager Peter Stevens says the system is attracting interest from other crown agencies.

"The fact that a number of our stakeholders, after seeing SPEX previewed, have already shown interest in using a similar system for their own businesses, shows that the system has significant potential," he says.

Matcham says the system does not need a centralised web manager as information displayed is pulled in real-time from legacy systems such as project management and contacts databases, with no changes needed to these systems, or extra training needed for their operators.

SPEX can be found at

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