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How significant is A+ in the IT industry in regards to employment opportunities? Or should I carry on with my information systems studies?

Dear Adviser,

I'm in my second year of study of information systems. With the exposure of certifications such as A+, net+, etc, I have decided I may take these courses within the year. How significant is A+ in the IT industry in regards to employment opportunities? Or should I carry on with my studies?


Protocol Personnel replies: If humanly (and or financially) possible, do both. Completing your degree in information systems is important for several reasons. First, because it shows that you finish what you start. Second, a degree is designed to help teach you how to think through problems to find solutions. A lot of what we learn in a degree is never used in the real world, but the ability to analyse information and make good decisions is one of the key benefits of a tertiary education.

Yes, the A+, Net+ etc are good industry qualifications and are recognised around the world. Because they are industry-specific and not vendor-specific they are more general in their training. Many jobs will require you to become more technically involved with one particular type of product, for example Microsoft. In this case a lot of people will seek (or if they are extremely lucky, their employer will help them seek) qualifications like Microsoft certification. These vendor-specific qualifications will aid them in performing better in their role and identify to future employers their skills with these products.

If you can do both I would recommend it, it may be that edge that helps you get the job instead of the other information systems graduates.

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