New recruitment site free for employers

Two former business executives have launched an internet-based recruitment service that is free for employers.

Two former business executives have launched an internet-based recruitment service, nzpeople that is free for employers.

John Elston started the business having being made redundant as general manager of Harding Traffic Systems. He says he was dissatisfied with the systems in place for finding work for the newly-redundant and believed he could do a better job. His business partner is Cristine Angus, a former Telecom retail manager.

Job-seekers pay $15 a month or $90 a year to keep their details online while employers and recruitment agencies pay nothing to search the site. Jobseekers’ details are anonymous and the employer/agency selects the candidates, who are then contacted by nzpeople. Elston says this system lets employers know that they are dealing with people who are genuine and serious about finding work. It also saves them on recruitment costs.

He says his system is worth jobseekers paying for as details can be accessed by a wider range of employers and recruitment agencies who don’t have to pay to use the service. Using an agent, he says, means you are restricted to only the jobs they have to fill.

“We do not want to place any impediment to the employer. We see them as the ones that should not pay,” he says.

Elston and Angus say the service differs from other employment websites in “promoting people, not jobs”.

Firms and agencies can pay for an email alert service to immediately gain the details of someone with a particular skill they are seeking.

At present, nzpeople is just Elston and Angus, with offices in Wellington and Christchurch, but the company plans shortly to take on a third partner in Auckland.

The site was written by Mike Brown of Wellington-based and is hosted by Quick Internet.

Elson reports people already signing up to use the service and it being listed on various search engines.

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