Delphic predicts boost in sales and staff

Auckland-based medical software company Delphic Medical Systems expects to double sales and staff through overseas sales.

Auckland-based medical software company Delphic Medical Systems expects to double sales and staff through overseas sales.

The company has signed reseller agreements with the Sysmex Corporation of Kobe, Japan, to market its Delphic Anatomic Pathology System, which computerises reporting processes from the taking of samples to delivering results by email, instead of on paper.

The AP system is already in use in New Zealand, Australian and Singapore hospitals, but Delphic has just done a deal with the Leiden University Medical Centre in Holland. The teaching hospital will be Delphic’s reference site, to showcase the technology in a major push into Europe.

Delphic business development manager Mark Cox says the Leiden sale, presently being installed, follows an email sent to 80 Dutch hospitals 18 months ago. It will help hospitals improve their quality control, perhaps minimising the chance of New Zealand-style smear testing scandals.

“Previously, a pathologist wanting to review a cervical smear slide before signing out a report for example, would have had to wade through paper files to find its location in the laboratory. Using the new AP functionality, ERM [Electronic Request Material Management], pathologists can see the location and a full trail of all laboratory work, requests, tissue, images and slides, at the click of a button,” says Cox.

The software, developed in Lotus Notes on an NT platform, can also interface with local and other hospital systems using universal standards based code.

In addition, Delphic is also working with Dutch-based Phillips Electronics on voice-recognition systems for AP to integrate electronic dictation. The system was first developed to understand Dutch and English, but can now cope with French and German.

Delphic claims to be a major exporting success since the company started 15 years ago, but Cox says company figures are confidential.

But over the next two to three years, he says, it will double from its current “some millions”. Staff numbers will also double from their current 40, with Delphic recruiting developers, lab people and marketing staff. Sysmex should also take on more staff to market the Delphic software.

The recent distribution agreement with Sysmex will accelerate AP sales across Europe, the Asia-Pacific and the US. AP sales to a Liverpool neurology hospital in Britain came as a direct result of the Sysmex arrangement and the installation of AP to a similar hospital in Singapore, Cox says.

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