CHH's former HR division to sell software

Carter Holt Harvey has spun off a new company that will sell its in-house-developed human resources software to a wider audience.

Carter Holt Harvey has spun off a new company that will sell its in-house-developed human resources software to a wider audience.

Mariner 7, the company's former HR division, will sell web-delivered software that was developed and used at CHH over the past four years and test-marketed last year. Mariner 7's two initial products, Talent Manager and Talent Finder, aim to help managers find, measure, develop and motivate staff.

Talent Finder, due for launch within a few months, aims to locate recruitment candidates best suited for a role. Talent Manager, based on a model built for CHH and available now, includes a performance management feature that enables managers to link individual performance and behaviour to company strategy and objectives. A leadership feature allows companies to identify, measure and develop specific leadership traits in staff.

Mariner 7 chief executive Heather Miles says the tools are useful for medium-sized and larger organisations. They save time and cost and will give managers "deeper strategic value". Staff selection and performance can also be scientifically linked to business strategy and results, she says.

"We are all familiar with the catchcry that 'people are our greatest asset'," Miles says, "but few organisations are really tapping their full people potential. The bulk of people management in companies still relies on an individual manager's intuition. But as organisations become more complex the need for more intelligent, systematic and technology-enabled tools increases."

Mariner 7 has a long-term contract to provide HR resources to CHH, with whom it will jointly develop new products. The organisation expects to have its first external customers within weeks, with a solid customer base in Australasia by the end of the year.

The service is hosted by Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC). The other key supplier is the Simpl Group. Clients need only have internet access, a web browser and email. The system claims 40-bit encryption and stores information in an encoded format.

Mariner 7 employs 14 staff based in Auckland and Sydney, who also provide training and consultancy services, research and product development, marketing and finance management.

Key staff include former CHH HR chief Miles; business development general manager Warren Casey, former general manager of BP Amoco's global retail e-business division in London; product development general manager Phil Jamieson, a former CHH project leader; R&D general manager Baruch ter Wal, former associate at McKinsey and Co; and technology chief Pat O'Connel, former CHH project leader on Y2K.

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