Radio New Zealand goes offline

Telecom says no thanks to Aussie 3G spectrum; Kids today - they got no respect for the old ways

In a stunning move the country's national radio broadcaster - owned by the government on behalf of, well, us - is to shut down its online service from April 1. Instead it will be working with Telecom's Xtra to offer some kind of "internet audio offering", but not a live 24-hour-a-day service.

A brief video clip from webmaster Michael Sutton asks listeners to register by email to be included in any discussion on the future of the service.

This is quite astonishing. Radio NZ has tried to charge listeners to access the website, but has failed miserably to make a profit out of the net. Surprised? Well, it seems the executive members were. People oddly enough were refusing to pay for content online in droves. Rather than realise this whole internet thing was nothing more than a new medium, a new way to reach customers, RNZ decided it was a cash cow for the milking. Come on RNZ. What were you thinking? The internet is radio's saviour if only you were quick enough and bright enough to work it out. Finally we could listen to Kim Hill in our offices even while the boss was watching. Do you not see that the vast majority of your listeners actually have day jobs and would really like to be able to hear RNZ from work? I would urge readers to contact Michael and express willingness to be involved in the discussion. Perhaps the odd email or two to the executive would be in order as well.

RNZ cans live stream, takes up with Xtra - IDGNet

National Radio Web cast site to close - NetGuide

Radio New Zealand site

Telecom says no thanks to Aussie 3G spectrum

Telecom has pulled its subsidiary AAPT out of the Australian auction for third-generation spectrum. AAPT was one of seven bidders listed for the 3G auction due to start today. Now Telecom says it will "continue to assess strategic opportunities for an expanded presence in the Australian mobile market". Lovely. The telco is talking about partnership deals, but only with those prospective partners and not with the rest of us. It's also talking about buying Optus Cable and Wireless; however, most analysts feel it is unlikely to succeed in any bid because it lacks the backing of a large telco with lots of cash, like Japan's NTT. Rumours had linked the two companies earlier in the negotiations. The Australian auction is expected to bring in up to A$1 billion, although I think they'll be lucky to get half of that, given the downturn in telecommunications tech stocks in particular, the ensuing lack of confidence in the US and Australian markets and the general trend in 3G auctions around the world.

Further to rumour and speculation about Telecom's continued drift westward towards Australia - CEO Theresa Gattung will now be spending one week a month in Australia. How long can it be before Telecom New Zealand moves house completely, leaving behind only its money-making asset, the local loop, and its customers?

Telecom pulls AAPT out of Oz 3G auction - IDGNet

Telecom withdraws from Aussie spectrum auction - Stuff

Kids today - they got no respect for the old ways

My favourite story of the week, if not the month, has to be this one from the US. A teenager in Georgia, Josh Klehr, has discovered a mathematical theorem. Josh was in eighth grade, whatever that is, on his very last day of school doodling around in study hall when he drew a triangle. The theorem, now known as the Klehr-Bliss Theorem - co-named for another Atlanta-area student who did follow-up work - relates to a point within the area of the triangle based on perpendicular lines. It's all well beyond me, but stories like this one just make me happy as a pig in mud. Enjoy your weekend.

Theoretically, teen's a geometry whiz - Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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