Nelson firm offers backup peace of mind

Nelson ISP Tasman Solutions has created an internet-linked backup storage system.

Nelson ISP Tasman Solutions has created an internet-linked backup storage system.

The six-year-old firm, which has five staff, spent several years developing iBak, using “binary patching” technology supplied by a US firm. The system saves changes automatically via internet connections after being encrypted and compressed. Tasman’s server then stores data on two separate hard drives and beams a copy via a radio link to a remote location, giving five copies of data stored at three separate geographical locations.

During transmission and storage the data is encrypted with 128-bit keys. Even iBak technical staff can’t access a company’s information, says manager Steve Christie.

Binary patching means only changes are stored, allowing backups job to be done much faster. A scheduler also allows the backup to happen when users prefer.

Since its October launch, the service has become popular locally, with customers running in “two figures”. But Christie says it will soon be rolled out nationally and overseas.

Customers include Nigel Orr of Nelson’s PC Systems, who says iBak saved its data when a machine failed. “It’s quite convenient. It seems to be all right. It’s reasonably quick,” he says.

Brent Wood of Wood Orchards in Nelson is pleased by the system, saying it is basically automated. Some things could be made more user-friendly for non-techies, he says, “but basically, it’s good.”

Tasman Solutions plans to franchise the system for overseas use, with servicing remotely from Nelson, and Christie says connecting it to faster internet technologies should make its use more common and easier.

The former Wellingtonian says Nelson is like many small towns in that people should realise and use what services are available locally. As a “pleasant place”, he expects incomers to add to its growing IT industry.

“People can do telecommuting anywhere, so they might as well do it somewhere nice.”

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