Digital TV - Comin' atcha

Easter story, to make you go awwwww; Economic downturn reaches NZ shores

Long on promise, Digital TV has been short on delivery in recent months. Every man and his dog has a digital TV policy, it seems, from TVNZ to Sky TV to Ihug to TelstraSaturn. Business alliances are forming and shifting and a proliferation of devices will soon squat on, under and beside your TV. Honestly, it's enough to make you think PCs are simple to use by comparison.

TVNZ has got into bed with TelstraSaturn, probably so they can access the rugby and be seen to be different from Sky. Sky, of course, shafted TVNZ a while ago by signing up with TV3 to show delayed coverage of the All Blacks and Super 12 games, although I'm sure spite isn't playing a part in TVNZ's corporate programming strategy. Honest.

Ihug is still looking for someone to dance with on this score, but could well be the only one left standing when the music stops. It's tried Sky TV and been rebuffed and it tried to get into bed with Force Corporation (the movie people) but that didn't last either. Coming from a purely internet background may make them just too different culturally speaking from the telco corporates and the TV folk. That may or may not be a bad thing of course.

And may I be the first to bid a hearty welcome to readers who are looking at this on the Unlimited website. FryUps are archived there for your reading pleasure. Welcome aboard.

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From the horse's mouth, Matt Moran talks to the man behind TVNZ's digital strategy. Video footage so may have been archived by the time you receive this.

Economic downturn reaches NZ shores

Since the US election it seems all the economists have been predicting a downturn that would affect just about everyone world wide. Tech stocks are in the toilet and while NASDAQ has managed a few good days of late it's still running so far below where it was a year ago you need a microscope to see the good news. New Zealand, it was hoped, would avoid that altogether by dint of not having much e-business to worry about, but it's finally reaching our shores as companies with offshore parentage feel the pinch. Search engine company GlobalBrain, bought by NBCi in the middle of last year, may yet escape the folding of NBCi back in to parent broadcast company NBC. Others are feeling the pinch and reporting "soft figures" while some aren't soft so much as runny.

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Easter story, to make you go awwwww

From the "try that with any software written lately" file - a server in the University of North Carolina has been hard at work every day for the last four years without missing a beat or dropping a packet despite having been walled up during renovations in 1997. Staff at the university, ably helped by Novell workers, tracked down the missing server, which was quietly going about its business, by following the cables to see where they went. Builders had "inadvertently" boxed the machine into a wall cavity and since it hadn't needed rebooting, upgrading or physically handling in any way, nobody had bothered much with it.

Have a safe and happy Easter, tropical cyclones not withstanding. Normal service will resume next week.

Server 54, Where Are You? - TechWeb

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Points to the above story but scroll down to read other tales of happy network engineers

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