SAP calls on Ascential tool to help warehouse

Ascential has concluded an agreement with SAP over conversion and loading tools to help users implement SAP's Business Information Warehouse (BW).

Ascential has concluded an agreement with SAP over conversion and loading tools to help users implement SAP’s Business Information Warehouse (BW).

Ascential, the developer of database-related applications newly formed as a split-off from Informix, will allow SAP to resell DataStage, bundled with BW. DataStage is an “extract, transform and load” (ETL) tool, specifically to assist users in extracting data from the files or databases, cleaning it up and reformatting it to feed into other large-scale information stores like databases or data warehouses.

Sales of BW throughout the world have been hampered by the difficulty of feeding data into the warehouse from other company sources, say Ascential spokespeople. The contract is due to be concluded this week and a SAP spokeswoman said last week that SAP could not discuss the contract or matters relating to it until it was signed off.

Ascential is anticipating 200 to 300 sales of DataStage each year from the SAP connection, says Ascential’s US-based director of marketing for enterprise applications Mark Talbot, who recently visited New Zealand.

Selling DataStage on its own or with SAP into a non-Informix site will be easier now Ascential is an independent company, says president Pete Fiore – also visiting New Zealand earlier this month. “We would get prospects saying they couldn’t buy from an Informix company, because ‘we’re an Oracle shop’.”

The arrangement may be extended into other Ascential and SAP products, Fiore says.

There is a strong effort in Ascential to bury its recent history. “We are desperate that you do not think of us as Informix,” Fiore said at the start of an interview with Computerworld. “We want people to judge us as an independent company.”

Ascential is currently still owned by the Informix Corporation, but “we eventually plan to separate totally and become a public company,” Fiore says.

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