Budget 2001 - the Virtual Budget

eVentures great adventure; News? We don't got no stinking news

They came, they saw, they dished out the lollies, and now come the analysts.. Ah well, it's only once a year. Budgets, as you've probably noticed, don't really deliver the same emotional impact they once did. No wondering how much extra a pint of beer will cost or whether superannuation will be extended, expended, impacted or resurrected. Honestly, you'd think it was a parliament of moderates or something. From an IT perspective one initiative stands out like a sore thumb - government will set up a $100 million venture investment fund based on the Israeli model.

Other than that, it's pretty much business as usual. Everyone's griping about not getting as much as they wanted, which is pretty much par for the course isn't it? There is extensive coverage, including video footage, on the Nzoom site which has pretty much nailed the whole thing completely.

Budget 2001: Cullen buys $100m Israeli Venture Fund - Unlimited

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eVentures great adventure

Following the collapse of eVentures Australia things are looking, well, odd for eVentures New Zealand. Investor Craig Heatley is looking to increase his holding in the venture capital firm to around the 80% mark. Shares launched at 15cents each, while minority share holders paid 60cents a share and Heatley is offering between 14 and 16.8cents each. The fund has around $50 million still to spend and despite saying eVentures would help fund more than a dozen companies only two have come to fruition. Is this the very end of dot com bubble?

Deane quits eVentures after salvaging deal - NZHerald

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News? We don't got no stinking news

The world of labour relations reached its gnarled hand into the internet this week and pulled out the NZ Herald by the scruff of the neck. As you probably know, journalists at the NZ Herald, NZPA and Dominion called it quits yesterday morning after failing to reach an agreement on their various pay negotiations. Herald staff went so far as to ask readers not to access the NZ Herald website as a sign of solidarity. The virtual picket line has been drawn. Consequently there's not a lot of news on the respective sites today - just a re-hash of yesterday's stories. Oddly, neither Stuff nor the NZ Herald site actually mentions the strike action...

Don't click, say Herald journos - IDGNet

Paper published despite strike - Nzoom

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