ISOCNZ no more. New name, new direction

ISOCNZ no more, XtraMSN starts up and Microsoft ... well......

If last year's annual general meeting of the Internet Society (ISOCNZ) was a rowdy tumultuous affair, this year's AGM was calmer and altogether more sedate, even if it did take six hours to complete.

While the society members met to decide on dozens of constitutional changes the decision was finally made to shift that vote online and members will be able to vote on which amendments to take up at a future date. Instead the society decided to give itself a new name and to elect new leadership.

ISOCNZ is no more - in its place is InternetNZ and a logo will be forthcoming as soon as a design competition has been held.

In addition Peter Dengate Thrush, chair of the society, and Frank March,

secretary, both declined to seek reelection as councillors. Officially the new council will elect its officers from among its ranks; however, one of the changes to the constitution that will hopefully be in place for next year's AGM is that society members will choose who has which job rather than the council. To preempt that, the council has opened voting on the top three jobs to society members in an online ballot, to be completed before the first council meeting on July 6. Will this be an end to ISOCNZ "shenanigans"? We can only hope.

Leadership retires as ISOCNZ re-focuses and re-brands - IDGNet

ISOCNZ AGM: New name, new direction - IDGNet

ISOCNZ takes AGM online - IDGNet

XtraMSN launches news portal

We have TVNZ's news portal Nzoom and Stuff from the Dominion and associated publications as well as the NZ Herald website to tell us what's happening around New Zealand and the world. You know, if there's not a strike on or anything. Or they're not too busy with the print editions and forget to update their sites. Or they fire all the IT support staff and the sites fall over. Then we can find out what's going on in the world. Well now there's a new player in town, or rather two deputies have got together and formed their own possie.

Xtra's site, which has in the past amalgamated news stories from around the web, has teamed up with Microsoft's MSN portal, which has previously brought us news carefully selected to be of Australian origin, to bring us XtraMSN, our very own net portal.

The MSN model is an interesting one. Create a portal that provides localised content, courtesy of someone else - here it's Xtra but in Australia it's Nine TV news - and combine it with Microsoft offerings, like Communities, Chat and Messenger. In the UK Microsoft is talking about making added functionality a subscription-based service in the new year - roughly $180 a year for as yet unnamed services. Whether that happens here or not is another matter.

If some of the stories look familiar in the technology section that's because IDGNet provides content to the site, but then we do the same with Nzoom as well as Zfree. But you read it here first, of course.


XtraMSN portal launches today - IDGNet

(actually, that was yesterday)

XtraMSN -- the verdict? - Aardvark

By the time you get this Aardvark will have archived the story - follow the "previous edition" link.

This is the space where I would have pointed to all the Herald and Stuff stories about it, but there don't appear to be any. How odd.

And speaking of Microsoft...

I know there are lots of stories about bug patches, security leaks, hacks and the like but frankly this week has been full of them and most have been about Microsoft. MS would very much like everyone to use its one log-in Passport service for everything. Unfortunately, it also tried to introduce terms and conditions that granted MS copyright over everything on Passport - your name, credit card details and so on. Now MS says it may have to work with a third party on its enhanced Passport, codenamed Hailstorm. All this is far from over.

Meanwhile, if you have problems with Windows XP and ask for help on the XP community website, chances are your questions will be answered by a student in Auckland. It's a small world after all.

Microsoft bugs out - Word macro flaw uncovered along with new IIS security breach - IDGNet

Auckland student is Microsoft bug man - IDGNet

Maker of Anna Kournikova virus to be prosecuted - IDGNet

Microsoft may partner for security with Hailstorm - IDGNet

Microsoft modifies passport policy amid complaints - IDGNet

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