Nzoom expects no change from charter

The head of TVNZ's Nzoom website believes implementation of the crown company's new charter will have little effect on the online division.

The head of TVNZ’s Nzoom website believes implementation of the crown company’s new charter will have little effect on the online division.

“For us it looks like very little change,” says Nzoom managing director Simon Aimer.

“But if you assume that the charter means more relative investment in original New Zealand news and current affairs and documentaries and other shows, then that is going to be reflected in Nzoom and that is great for Nzoom because that’s one of our strengths anyway,” he says.

Aimer also points to the synergy that a push towards local content will create, since more local TV shows will require related websites.

Broadcasting Minister Marian Hobbs last week announced TVNZ would become a crown-owned company, reducing its commercial imperatives. The public broadcasting charter was announced in May and will take effect in July 2002.

Aimer says while TVNZ’s television channels carry much overseas content because of the expense of producing local material, almost all content on Nzoom is New Zealand-related, independent of the charter. “We’re obliged to provide exclusively local content, because if site visitors want to see anything else they can and will on other sites anyway,” he says.

The Nzoom news team is based in the TVNZ newsroom, and there are significant sub-sites for programmes such as Mai Time and Te Karere.

“Having said that, we do still have a long way to go in meeting those needs,” Aimer says.

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