InternetNZ swaps chair for president

InternetNZ (formerly ISOCNZ, the Internet Society) members have voted to replace their chair.

InternetNZ (formerly ISOCNZ, the Internet Society) members have voted to replace their chair.

In an online vote following the organisation's recent AGM, members have opted to be led by a president, with a new officer, a vice-president, sharing the workload. They've also introduced term limits for officers. However, a move to have proxy votes outlawed has failed by a close margin.

InternetNZ officers will be elected by members rather than by other councillors, although each officer can only stand for two consecutive terms (of two years) in any position. The practice of having half the council elected each year will be enshrined in the constitution.

Proxy votes have played a large part in past AGMs where opposing factions have often resorted to a kind of “duel by proxy votes” with the bigger parcel winning the day. With InternetNZ deciding to introduce electronic voting, it was proposed that proxies be scrapped.

“The existence of early e-voting enables members who are unable to attend the general meetings to vote their intentions ... directly” says motion number 01-26. However, by a margin of 29 votes to 25 the motion was lost.

A draft proposal, that new members to InternetNZ not be allowed to vote until they have been members for a set period of time -- designed to stop any faction from stacking the AGM at the last minute -- was not included in the final list of motions for voting.

Officers of the society will be elected officially at the first meeting of the new council, to be held tomorrow in Wellington.

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