InternetNZ's first meeting a "healthy" one

InternetNZ (formerly the Internet Society) has held a 'cooperative' first council meeting and formally elected its new officers.

InternetNZ (formerly the Internet Society) has held a “cooperative” first council meeting and formally elected its new officers.

As expected following a straw poll of members, Keith Davidson was elected chair, David Farrar was made secretary and Steven Heath treasurer.

InternetNZ recently agreed to allow members, rather than councillors, to vote for officers. That motion won't take effect until the next annual general meeting, but councillors have abided by the online straw poll held by InternetNZ, which saw Davidson out poll Richard Bourne and Heath out poll Chris Streatfield. Farrar stood unopposed.

InternetNZ executive director Sue Leader says Bourne officially withdrew his nomination at the council meeting and Roger De Salis - who withdrew from the race for chair before last week’s straw poll - nominated Davidson for the chair. Leader says Davidson was then elected unanimously "with acclimation". She says the pattern was repeated for Heath's election, with Streatfield standing down and nominating Heath for the role.

"It was a very cooperative, healthy, productive council meeting," says Leader who has seen four councils nominated in her time with InternetNZ.

"It would be the most productive of them all. They managed to get through a very tight agenda and only ran 25 minutes over time."

Leader says new chair Davidson immediately resigned from the board of Domainz, the wholly-owned company that runs the .nz name space, as the new constitution's rules say no officer of InternetNZ can also be a director of the board of Domainz.

"Because of the importance of communication [between Domainz and InternetNZ] Davidson was elected as shareholder representative on the board [of Domainz]."

Leader says the new council is deciding which councillor will take responsibility for each working group. She hopes the council will be able to focus on a wider range of issues than in the past few years which has tended to see InternetNZ focus on the shared registry issue in particular.

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