SolNet shines on Daves’ Open Cloud

An enclave of Daves within Wellington company SolNet hope to do for telephony what Sun has done for application portability.

An enclave of Daves within Wellington company SolNet hope to do for telephony what Sun has done for application portability.

David Long, is one of the trio which is creating software using Sun’s JAIN (Java APIs for integrated network). Long says they have two goals: to produce telephony software that is robust enough that always-on telco networks can rely on it; and to help build middleware that overcomes the proprietary nature of telephony hardware.

They’ve succeeded with the first, writing a program called Savanna, which they hope to license to application server developers. And they’re pressing ahead with the second, which involves them helping formulate JAIN’s service logic execution environment (SLEE) reference implementation. Long describes the SLEE effort as being important at the business logic level of telephony applications.

“It makes decisions within the application itself; for example, it might trigger sending of an email,” Long says.

Long, and his fellow Daves (Ferry and Page), are carrying out their work in the company of telephony giants including AT&T, Motorola, Lucent and IBM. In all about 70 companies make up the JAIN community.

Their company is Open Cloud, which they own in partnership with SolNet, the Sun New Zealand agent. Former SolNet managing director Murray McNae heads Open Cloud, the origins of which go back to a Massey University masters thesis.

“Dave Ferry came to us in late 1998 saying he wanted to do a project in Java,” says Long. Long, who was a SolNet employee, says Sun had launched its JAIN effort earlier that year, demonstrating its potential for creating applications portable across a variety of phone switches at the 1998 Supercomm telephony trade show in the US. When Ferry turned up, says Long, the idea came to them for him to take a look at JAIN’s potential.

Today Open Cloud has seven developers and potential customers for Savanna, says Long, though he won’t name them.

”We’re working with a number of major telecommunications network equipment providers, application service providers and server product manufacturers,” he says.

Open Cloud is also doing the rounds of trade shows, making an appearance at Supercomm 2001 last month, and at last week’s VON (Voice on the Net) Developers conference in Boston.

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