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ITANZ executive director Jim O'Neill is advising organisations to question the value of worldwide directories.

ITANZ executive director Jim O’Neill is advising organisations to question the value of worldwide directories.

After global fax directories were all the rage some years ago, the latest product from Switzerland is the internet register. Last week, Swiss firm was inviting Auckland firms to be listed in its Global Internet Register for at a price of $US680 ($1700).

Managing director Adrian Wittmer told Computerworld: “We consider the costs of $US680 very reasonable. For this amount you get an insertion [multi-medial], which means you are published in the printed version, CD-ROM and in the web. In addition, the CD-ROM itself will be included once published,” he says.

The flyer sent to businesses also promised “for a free listing return this form unsigned”. O’Neill says he has not heard of Intercable but ITANZ receives similar offers about twice a month.

“Many of them come out of Switzerland. Most are not scams but you have to think about it. We got one a few weeks ago and it looked like an invoice,” he says. O’Neill says firms should consider why they want to be listed in such directories. “Nowadays you can go straight to the web [and look firms up],” he says.

Replying from Switzerland to questions sent by email, Wittmer says “the benefit of companies listed with us is that they will be seen worldwide and hopefully be contacted by potential clients”.

“We have sent this mailing to a lot of companies throughout New Zealand, Australia, Southeast Asia and, of course, also in Europe,” he says.

Quizzed on whether its services could be compared to fax directories and why Intercable was based in Switzerland, known for its secretive banking laws, Wittmer added: “We do not understand what you mean by those [questions]; nor do we think they are appropriate.”

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