Life's a gas in New Plymouth

New gas fields and a new e-business strategy beckon at Shell Todd Oil Services, where the firm is looking for a business analyst or two.

Title: Business analyst, Shell Todd Oil Services, New Plymouth

Function: Analyse business needs throughout the organisation and develop e-business solutions.

Description: Lead projects from feasibility to implementation, contribute to annual business plan, propose business opportunties, develop business cases for change proposals.Be in a team of eight reporting to the head of business services.

Dosh: $75,000 to $85,000 (agency estimate)

New gas fields and a new e-business strategy beckon at Shell Todd Oil Services (STOS), where the firm is looking for a business analyst or two.

STOS is planning to develop two recently discovered offshore fields - Maari and Pohukura - and is advertising for a business analyst to work in its eight person-strong business projects team in New Plymouth.

Head of business projects Peter Bunkall says the company is finalising its e-business strategy and needs one or two people to work with his team to turn that strategy into specific business proposals and to push them through the company's approval processes.

"As a small company we expect people to be multi-skilled," says Bunkall. "The analysis of business needs and the development of business solutions is about 40% of the job. Project-leading these proposals is 50%. The last 10% is assisting with the short- and long-term business planning of the company's business projects."

A focus of the role will also be leveraging e-business opportunities for STOS. Bunkall says the job is an update of an earlier role, refocused toward e-business, and may result in the appointment of two people with different biases/backgrounds. Both will report to him in the small and flat-structured organisation.

"This is a job where you need to work without direct supervision. They have to be self-managing and get on with it, but also work as part of a team," he says.

The successful candidate/s is expected to have a degree in IT, engineering or finance, or a tertiary certificate equivalent. STOS also expects the successful candidate to have ten years of work experience but this will depend on the person. Some project experience is expected, but not necessarily in IT. Bunkall says the person could well be a project leader on an e-business, or project-leading in IT, engineering or finance.

"[Someone in] a project leading role would be the most attractive candidate because at that stage you are learning to see a bigger picture," he says.

The successful person could graduate into a senior team leader's role in business services, finance, IT or procurement, depending on their background.

"Shell Todd as an organisation is moving to an exciting phase," he says, mentioning the new gas fields. It is presently pumping out all the gas it can safely produce and while the successful candidate won't directly be involved in keeping the power on in the current crisis, s/he will be involved in the systems behind it.

Bunkall says STOS doesn't mention salary figures, saying it depends on experience and that this gives the company more flexibility. Barry O'Brien of recruiters Enterprise estimates a salary of $75,000 to $85,000.

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