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E-Files (e-commerce)

Issue Date: 1 October

Editorial Deadline: 10 September

E-marketplaces are reportedly struggling but will they recover? What e-marketplaces does New Zealand presently have? What is their purpose? Whom do they serve, how are they progressing and how do they make money? What future can be expected for them and the other emarketplaces that are on the horizon?


Issue Date: 8 October

Editorial Deadline: 17 September

Local body elections are this year. Can e-voting replace the traditional ballot box? What are the risks of voting online and can they be overcome? Does the web offer politicians and the voters anything in terms of candidates spreading the message and connecting with the people.

This feature looks at how the web and online electioneering has progressed in this and other recent New Zealand elections. How does this compare with recent elections in Britain and the US and what might be expected in coming elections in New Zealand?

Networking / Voice Over IP

Issue Date: 15 October

Editorial Deadline: 24 September

Analysts say the voice over IP market is exploding, with the Australian market set to triple this year.

This feature looks at how New Zealand firms are exploiting the new technology and why? He also asks how practical the technology is, if it can replace traditional telephony and is there anything the telcos can do about it?

Accounting and Financial Software

Issue Date: 22 October

Editorial Deadline: 1 October

Many businesses have just completed their annual accounts.

This feature looks at some of the latest developments in accounting and financial software, notably the ASP market.

He also asks small, medium and large enterprises using ASP-provided software systems if this is as cost-effective as buying an e-accounting system outright.


Issue Date: 29 October

Editorial Deadline: 8 October

Hundreds of DotCom failures were meant to drag down the ASP model with it. But while the number of ASP providers has declined in the US, they report ever greater demand for their services.

This feature looks at how ASPs are faring in New Zealand and how they are battling for local survival.

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