Telecom backflips on DSL billing

Telecom's statements on its DSL billing regime last week were "incomplete" says spokesperson Mary Parker.

Telecom’s statements on its DSL billing regime last week were “incomplete” says spokesperson Mary Parker.

“Firewalls won’t stop users getting billed for data. Telecom doesn’t monitor, filter or block traffic to an account.”

Parker recommends using the usage meter to monitor levels.

“Customers can also request an automatic call if they get to within 50MB of their monthly account limit by emailing us at” She reiterates the claim that Telecom will investigate any claim made by a customer of undue or excessive charges on their accounts.

“This will be done on a case-by-case basis.” Telecom is also reviewing its DSL offerings.

“We realise there are a number of issues with JetStream and we’re looking into them all.”

One of those issues is the question of itemised billing for customers. Parker says she does not have an exact time frame for the review but it has already started.

Meanwhile tales of woe from DSL customers continue to arrive at IDGNet.

The worst has to be from a corporate customer who had a backdoor installed on his system during the Code Red virus attack.

“We were connected to the US continually for about four and a half days. The burglar place a payload, probably a game, on our server and told US customers to enjoy themselves.” This customer first noticed something was wrong when the bill arrived from Telecom.

“We’re on JetStream 600 and the bill came to around $11,000.” Telecom has already agreed to waive “80% of the bill so far” and now the customer’s insurance company is considering whether there is a niche market for a new insurance offering.

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