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Issue Date: November 5

Editorial deadline: October 15

Biometrics is the latest buzzword in the world of security. Retina, eyescans, voice and handprints could replace traditional passwords. But is it all a sci-fi dream or a nightmare? The feature looks at the progress of such futuristic technologies and asks whether they yet represent a practical proposition for New Zealand e-commerce companies.

Systems Management

Issue Date: November 12

Editorial deadline: October 22

Asia-Pacific countries are apparently shirking when it comes to systems management. The market for large users is limited here, but what possibilities are there for New Zealand's small and medium-sized organisations. What role is there for Management Service Providers and Linux.

15th anniversary issue

Issue Date: November 19

Editorial deadline: October 29

It was 15 years ago this week that the first issue of Computerworld New Zealand saw the light of day. My, haven't things changed ...

To mark the occasion, the November 19 issue of Computerworld will remind readers of just how much - and how little - the IT landscape has altered.

We'll trace the progress of the people, technologies and purveyors of IT products which make up the dynamic industry on which Computerworld reports.

We'll revisit pivotal moments of the past decade-and-a-half; we'll take a look at the products which have endured and those that have flopped; and we'll try to sketch a picture of where IT will take us in the next 15 years.


Issue Date: November 26

Editorial deadline: November 6

Wireless companies continue to invest more in widening their services. The feature reviews the latest state of play and looks at the offerings of the main New Zealand providers, asking how extensive and affordable are their offerings.

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