Computerworld staff remember...

Computeworld journos and contributors think back to where they were 15 years ago and the impact IT made on their lives at the time.

Dr Fishlock has left the building

The internet is far from perfect technology and its potential hasn’t even begun to tapped yet, but there’s no question that it’s the killer app that Computerworld has speculated on endlessly during the past 15 years.

The march of technology

My first view of London was a freezing, foggy sky through the windows of a train that had just emerged from under the city-sized concrete warren that is Heathrow airport. This was October 1986, just weeks before Computerworld hits the desks of IT managers in New Zealand for the first time.

I was a high school computer lab rat

At high school I was lucky – our maths teacher was a computer buff so we got to use the school’s computer in class. It was some ancient Olivetti thing that must have been cast off by a wealthier school.

Long live the internet

Computerworld's been going 15 years, eh? I remember 1986 -- my last year at high school, comfortably spent in the common room because University Entrance the year before had been "accredited".

My name in lights

In November 1986 I’d just arrived at Warwick University in the English Midlands, just outside industrial Coventry. Then, I never expected IT would have any role in my life, or New Zealand for that matter. I had just started an economics degree and aimed to be an accountant.

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