Windows a marvel for banking stalwart

15 years reviewed: John Hollins

John Hollins


Title: Manager, data processing

Employer: Taranaki Savings Bank

Job duties: Manage DP requirements for bank

IT environment: Outsourced Adabas Natural system on IBM equipment


Title: Manager information services

Employer: TSB Bank

Job duties: Manage and run IT operation

IT environment: Unisys Clearpath and LINC

The most significant industry event of the past 15 years:

The rise of the internet

The most significant technology development of the past 15 years:

Affordable PCs in homes

One technology you thought would make it but didn't:

Microsoft Windows

One technology you thought wouldn't make it but did:

Microsoft Windows

Worst technology decision you made in the past 15 years:

To purchase a printer which had high running costs

Best technology decision you made in the past 15 years:

To develop system in LINC

Proudest IT achievement:

Running the only online real-time banking system in New Zealand

Worst IT disaster:

First conversion to our own system, which failed. Very stressful.

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