Net and mobile transform business

15 years reviewed: Chrissie Toomey.

Chrissie Toomey


Title: Programmer/analyst

Employer: KRTA

Job duties: To write and maintain engineering and accounting programs

IT environment: VAX mini system


Title: Auckland IT manager

Employer: Sinclair Knight Merz, formerly Kingston Morrison (formerly KRTA)

Job duties: Responsible for managing the network facilities, software and computer hardware within the Auckland offices for 200 workstations.

IT environment: Novell 5.1 with 95, NT and Windows 2000 workstations

The most significant industry event of the past 15 years:

It has to be the internet and email, which has transformed businesses and home computing.

The most significant technology development of the past 15 years:

Mobile computing -- it has changed corporate computing immensely.

One technology you thought would make it but didn't:

Virtual reality -- yet.

One technology you thought wouldn't make it but did:


Worst technology decision you made in the past 15 years:

To install a standby server system -- it proved to be an extremely fragile system.

Best technology decision you made in the past 15 years:

To replace the standby server system.

Proudest IT achievement:

There is always a sense of achievement when a difficult IT problem is resolved.

Worst IT disaster:

To have all hard drives fail in a server and discover that the backups were not backing up the complete drive.

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