Telecom to fix DSL

Telecom's technology chief, Murray Milner, has committed to fixing "micro-outages" in the telco's JetStream DSL service.

Telecom’s technology chief, Murray Milner, has committed to fixing “micro-outages” in the telco’s JetStream DSL service (see RIP’ed routing turns JetStream into a notwork, and Complaints mount over DSL).

Users report the outages interrupting service for up to 20 seconds several times an hour. The cause is believed to be related to the routing information protocol (RIP) used in the service, and/or to the way Telecom’s IPNet network is set up.

“A couple of configuration issues” have been fingered as the cause of the problem, says Milner, who admitted to Computerworld early last week to being embarrassed by the problem. He declined to give any further details, but confirmed that RIP “is a component of one part of the issue”.

There was more detail to be settled, Milner said by the middle of the week. But the main hoped-for outcome, he said, is that there will be “no more micro-outages”.

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