Spammer claims complaint laid with Privacy Commissioner

No apology over spam, but a complaint to the Privacy Commissioner over records of the spam

A man who admits he was a spammer plans to take a mailing list to the Privacy Commissioner over its archive after the list's participants declined to remove postings that he claims breach his privacy.

In July Julian Angelo asked the moderator of the network operators group (NZNOG) mailing list to remove archived postings about his spamming activities, saying the archive entries are hindering his employment efforts.

As IDGNet reported at the time, the list members decided not to modify the archive but instead allow Angelo to post an apology if he chose to. Angelo, however, has chosen to take the matter to the Privacy Commissioner.

"I asked them to remove [the postings] and I think some of them chipped in to get [the archive] listed with Google so they've paid to make it come up faster. I'm pretty hacked off," says Angelo, referring to the search engine Google.

"I am going to take some sort of action and I've been talking to someone in America who is going to help out." Angelo says this person, whom he declined to identify, has already laid a complaint with the commissioner's office.

"I haven't rung [the Privacy Commissioner] myself."

A spokeswoman for the commissioner says the office has a policy of not commenting on whether a complaint has been laid. She does confirm, however, that the list moderator would have been contacted if any complaint had been laid.

Donald Neal, who runs the NZNOG list, says he has heard nothing from Angelo or the commissioner's office.

"I have not heard from [Angelo] about this, and have no recollection of him mentioning this to the NZNOG mailing list. I have not heard from the Privacy Commissioner nor any of the staff of the office, though I'm happy to assist them if I can."

Angelo says his US contact is taking legal advice in the US to see what else Angelo can do.

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