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Management Brief

Issue Date: March 4

Microsoft's new software licensing programme comes into effect at the end of February, hitting some organisations hard in the pocket. Short of piracy, how can you minimise your software licensing bill? Dave King takes a look at the Microsoft changes and the licensing regimes of the other big software vendors in an effort to discover the most cost-effective way of staying legal.

Disaster Recovery

Issue Date: March 11

September 11, 2001 concentrated the minds of many on security and disaster recovery. But rather than terrorism, New Zealand firms face threats from fires, floods and earthquakes. The principles are the same, however. Darren Greenwood looks at the options available locally in terms of disaster recovery and business continuity planning, and asks what some New Zealand organisations are doing about it.

Web Services

Issue Date: November 19

Editorial Deadline: February 25

"Web services" are billed as "the next big thing", promising cheap, reliable, flexible and scalable computing - as well as simple deployment and maintenance and near mythical ROI. But what is meant by "web services", how did they evolve, how do they work.

Andrea Malcolm explains these issues and looks at the challenges an IT manager faces in implementing a web servcies strategy, plus the potential risks and rewards of such a solution.

Anti Virus/Security

Issue Date: March 25

Editorial Deadline: March 4

After the Code Red and Nimda hybrid worms of last year, and the latest MyParty mass mailer, analysts warn more worms are ready to wreak havoc on out IT systems. They argue traditional virus-signature updating fails to prevent fast-moving virus and worm updates, touting behaviour-blocking software as a solution. Darren Greenwood looks at the latest worm threats, explaining what they are, and sees how effective the latest technologies are in protecting against such worms.

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