FryUp: Ticking clock for telecommunications; Micro gone soft

Ticking clock for telecommunications; Micro gone soft; Frazzled FryUp

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- Ticking clock for telecommunications

- Micro gone soft

- Frazzled FryUp

- Ticking clock for telecommunications

Not long now and we'll have a new telecommunications regime. I know, I know. We keep saying "nearly there now. Almost at grandma's," and still we're struggling on and you're feeling even more queasy than you did at Taupo but truly, we're nearly there.

In the meantime we've had lots of excitement on our trip, haven't we? Why, just this week we've had an outage that nailed the country's DSL users, the election of Ernie Newman, current chief executive of the telecommunications users association (TUANZ), to the role of chair of the international telecommunications users group (INTUG), and the threat of head banging from the minister if the major players don't get their acts together over the industry forum they're supposed to be developing.

Oh, did I mention the Aussies claiming Telecom can't meet its contractual obligations over the ditch (don't they know only we can knock Telecom - they've got Telstra!) even though both Telecom and the bank that hired it say that's not true. Meanwhile Telecom scored another giant Aussie contract that should really rub their noses in it.

And in Wellington they're complaining because TelstraClear may not keep the headquarters of its ISP Paradise in Wellington but may move it north to, dum dum dum, Auckland. A fate worse than death if you happen to be one of those that love the southerly wind chill, the narrow streets and the fake temperature readings. But I digress. Did I mention I was down in Wellington for a wedding last week? Fear not, hardy Wellingtonians, that fiery ball in the sky will vanish soon enough.

So all in all it's been a frantic few weeks for the industry and with the new commissioner all but settled in, it's going to get even more exciting for them. I, for one, can hardly wait.

Swain ready to knock heads together over industry forum - IDGNet

JetStream outages hit NZ - IDGNet

Telecom subsidiary wins $A35m contract - NZPA

Newman to head INTUG - IDGNet

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- Micro gone soft

Remember how I told you about my colleague David Watson and his Hotmail problems? Guess who's come to the party and actually asked to see copies of the email he didn't send ...

For those of you who don't remember, David has a Hotmail account that he doesn't use too often. When last he checked he discovered several emails in his sent folder that he hadn't sent.

On top of that, these emails were real email from real people discussing real issues. For example, one was a letter to ACC and another contained bank account details.

Microsoft and Xtra have been haggling over who is to take responsibility for looking into this and it seems Xtra has drawn the short straw. It's Hotmail, you see, and Microsoft New Zealand isn't the franchise holder for the XtraMSN portal, that's Xtra. David has finally spoken to someone from MSN about the whole Hotmail thing and this chap has asked to see copies of the email in David's sent folder.

Stop the clock, but that's a good three weeks after he first told them about the problem. There will be more on this to come, I can assure you.

Meanwhile, back in bug land, Microsoft has announced several more boo-boos recently uncovered in the heady world of instant messaging.

Not content with allowing user information (such as name, password, shoe size) to be revealed for all to see, Microsoft has gone one better with the added functionality that only Microsoft can provide: a gaping hole that allows malicious website developers to include code in their site that will take over your Messenger application and use it for nefarious purposes (kind of like dolphins only less squeaky).

Really, would you trust this software company with your details, be they private or otherwise?

MSN Messenger flaw can disclose user data - IDGNet

MSN Messenger faces even bigger hole - IDGNet

- Frazzled FryUp

Do not adjust your sets ... well, perhaps that might help, but basically those visual disturbances you're seeing are all part of the fun that is our HTML newsletter.

Users who are looking at the FryUp through Netscape browsers are experiencing a kind of black hole/singularity effect where the entire FryUp is squashed to being only a few lines tall and is spread sideways, like taffy, making for a tricky read.

Do persevere – I'm told the problem is well in hand and should be resolved some time before the end of the cricket season. If you are having difficulty reading the FryUp, drop me a line and we can either switch you back to the text version or I can send you out a text copy of this week's letter to tide you over till next week.

Thanks for all the kind email of support we've received. I guess it really does go to show, if technology was easy we'd have nothing to write about.

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