Domain name replacement likely to use open source

Domainz is looking to revamp its new software system using open source technology.

Domainz is looking to revamp its new software system using open source technology.

The domain name registration company has begun the process of designing its system in conjunction with Wellington design house Catalyst IT.

The current system was deemed unworkable after costing Domainz's owner, InternetNZ, in excess of $700,000. A large number of bugs were reported and many users found the system all but unworkable. An independent review of the registry system lead to the decision to build a new system that could better handle the move to a shared registry system, slated for later this year.

Catalyst is looking to open source code for the development of the new system, and although it's not finalised at this stage, Domainz head Derek Locke says open source code is certainly the main contender.

Locke says there are a number of reasons for using open source over more proprietary code bases. "It's not only cost, there's also transparency and that's the whole idea of what we're doing being seen to be open and transparent."

"Catalyst IT has been contracted to do the technical architecture of the project and if all goes well they'll probably start work on a prototype and then the build itself," says Locke. Locke says the entire project should be completed by September or October and that Domainz has learned from the problems associated with the current system.

"We're doing this in small, manageable stages so we don't get too bogged down." So far the project has cost only $20,000 at this early stage, and Locke says he has a budget of $1 million, although quite how that will be spent is still undetermined at this stage.

"That's what the first step is all about, working out the technical details so we can fill in the blanks."

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