Wireless communications ready to fly

Wireless communications are set to take off, now that "everything" is in place, says new Wireless Data Forum general manager Luigi Cappel.

Wireless communications are set to take off, now that “everything” is in place, says new Wireless Data Forum general manager Luigi Cappel.

The wireless industry evangelist replaced Belinda Matheson last week, on a part-time consultancy basis, after she left to start a family.

Cappel, formerly the head of the business computing division of Rocom Wireless, strengthens his role at the lobby group since he is also its immediate past-president and chairman of its PR committee.

But he says he is still looking for other career opportunities following his December redundancy from Rocom, so his new position may not be permanent.

Cappel says he is working on programmes to show forum members how they can get the most from their membership and he plans to boost the profile of members and the wider wireless industry.

“We have lots of small members doing exciting things but they have no ability to tell the media,” he says.

And it is spreading the right message, or the lack of it, which could be holding back the industry’s development.

“This really is the year wireless is going to happen. Everything has come together at once- the hardware, the software and the telco networks. People need to know what is actually being delivered,” says Cappel.

“Our industry has been surrounded by hype. Most organisations have got to the point where they don’t believe anything or just a small part. My goal is to help the industry get from the early adopter phase into an early majority phase. As confidence [in wireless technology] increases, industries will adopt it rather than just individual companies,” he says.

Matheson’s longer-term role remains uncertain, but Cappel says the Queenstowner will still be involved with the forum, especially with exhibitions and conferences.

And when Cappel finds a full-time permanent job, his involvement with the forum as an immediate past-president and chair of the PR committee would remain.

Cappel also remains a consultant for Rocom Wireless, who made him redundant prior to Christmas. Then, Rocom re-engineered its business saying the move was part of an industry shift from a development to a sales phase.

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