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E-files - back up strategies

Issue Date: April 1

Twenty-four hour banking presents the industry with the problem of how to back-up data when systems never close. The feature looks at how New Zealand banks cope with back-up requiremnts and ensure payments and settlements are made as required.

Video Conferencing

Issue Date: April 8

Editorial Deadline March 18

How are New Zealand firms adopting videoconferencing and what experiences have they had so far. Do webcams also offer a cheap solution. What are the costs involved? Does videoconferencing really offer an alternative to meeting people in the flesh?

Financial Systems

Issue Date: April 15

Editorial Deadline: March 25

The public health system apparently is suffering from a series of "cost blowouts" while at the same time many health boards are installing new financial management systems. Arguments over funding aside, what financial systems are being used and implemented by our health boards? What can software do in the area of cost control and related management? Can IT save the public health sector from needing so many managers and accountants? Or is the adoption of these new technologies to blame for these cost blowouts. Either way, what can businesses and other organisations learn from their example?

Document Management

Issue Date: April 22

Editorial Deadline: April 1

Document management was comparatively simple when data consisted of text and flat-file database records. Today's ever-more powerful systems and new media mean a proliferation of multimedia content. How do you keep tabs on these rich data types? This feature takes a look at the tools that are needed to manage content in the multimedia age.


Issue Date: April 29

Editorial Deadline: April 8

Grid computing has been hailed by some as a prime example of the "latest and greatest" syndrome. Currently used mainly in media production, research and academia, grid computing is about to take off, boosted by products from IBM, Sun and others. But what exactly is it? What can it offer New Zealand businesses and organisations? Has it even reached our shores yet? The feature looks at the current adoptation of grid computing in New Zealand, its potential use and users.

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