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Security specialist Arjen de Landgraaf's guide to beating worms and viruses.

Security specialist Arjen de Landgraaf’s guide to beating worms and viruses:

1. Always have the latest antivirus update (AV companies often provide daily updates).

2. Turn off default functions such as JavaScript, ActiveX and the like in all HTML-based programs. Set them to prompt you, so that you can choose whether to activate them or not.

3. Use email for email only, sending and receiving text, not HTML or RTF (rich text format).

4. Do not use "auto preview" in your email reader.

5. Do not open attachments. Check any email with one. In Outlook, right-click on the unopened email, select options, scroll to the bottom and check the format of the attachment. Anything that ends with .exe, .com .bat, .scr, .pif, .vbs and so on is potentially suspicious. In each case, email the sender for confirmation before opening.

6. Install firewall software.

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