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Recruitment and retention

Issue Date: May 6

Employers are shifting from traditional hand sorting of job applications towards e-recruitment. How do online methods of recruitment work compared with traditional manual processes? What are the advantages to employers, and does e-recruitment have any pitfalls? This feature also looks at the experiences of New Zealand organisations which have recently adopted online recruitment.


Issue Date: May 13

Wide-area Ethernet is now available in the metropolitan areas of Auckland and Wellington. What is it? How is it better than other broadband services and what possibilties does it open up for businesses in terms of new products and services.

Printer Technologies

Issue Date: May 20

Hard copy is converging as the lines between printing, faxing and scanning are all blurring, say analysts. Mainstream printers now have their own IP addresses and they can manipulate and send documents without a PC. What does this and related "digital sending" technology offer businesses.


Issue Date: May 27

Extensible markup language (XML) is a key ingredient of web services, which consist of applications accessed over the internet from a variety of devices. An example of a web service might be a payment gateway, hosted by a third party, for authenticating bank card transactions. But web services are still in their infancy and the software that will support them – including databases – is still being developed.

One of those developments is creation of XML-capable databases, which will be able to manage XML documents as well as the usual relational and object data. Database vendors are close to making such products available.

How will this help web services developers? What are the implications for database developers and administrators?

This feature will provide an update on XML-capable database developments, and find out what benefits this new functionality promises.

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